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Cadédath Amira


Over the last 10 years, flowing out a natural love of animals and a passion for providing quality medical care for them, Cadédath felt led to pursue starting her own venture. 


With her medical training and strong bonding skills, Cadédath has always been comfortable working with animals--from cats and dogs to exotic animals, as her love for them has no limits. Early on, she  started managing boarding, daycare, and grooming facilities at the beginning of her animal career journey. Then she expanded her expertise by picking up grooming for a few years. She even found an unexpected passion working in the medical field as a veterinary assistant for almost 7 years. She specialized in working in a fear free practice focusing on high anxiety, fearful and aggressive pets. Afterwards, she opened up a private practice allowing her services to be available outside a clinic atmosphere to owners with special needs pets in 2018.